Julie O'Donohue, CEO/Founder, Next Address

“Do yourself and your business a favour. One of the biggest regrets I have had with growing my business is how long it took me to find the right mentors. This held me back. Now I have the right ones I feel the shift and direction has changed to be far more positive. So how do you find great mentors? Mary-Anne is solving that problem. Last year I attended Mary-Anne Waldrens Master Entrepreneur Program in Melbourne. Mary Anne runs a fabulous event with seriously highly skilled and talented executives willing to provide mentorship. Share your story, learn from others and find a mentor to help you grow personally and professionally.”

Start-up entrepreneur Karyn Simpson from Shifvt

“This was one of the most inspiring events I have attended. The calibre of mentors and support Mary Anne provided for this event was priceless.” 

Cinzia Cozzolino, Founder & CEO of The SMOOTHIE BOMBS/Nutrition Darlings Pty Ltd

“Mary Anne’s infectious energy makes those around her want to be involved in what she is doing. I meet her at one of my speaking engagements and she was quick to offer a number of wonderful opportunities to help grow my business and network. Mary Anne’s genuine love of business and helping others shows in all she does and makes her a real pleasure to work with.”

Matt Sampson, uTenant Founder

“Had a really great experience attending Mary Anne’s Master Entrepreneur program recently. The mentors provided a wealth of knowledge from their own experiences within the start-up world which was so valuable to learn and be able to implement in our own individual business journey. I would recommend anyone going down the path of a start-up or thinking about it to reach out to Mary Anne for assistance.”

Master Entrepreneur Murray Rankin, Founder of The Distillery & CEO, Rankin Securities

“I wish I had the level of experience and insight on tap to me when I eagerly, but somewhat naively, started out. Well done Mary Anne.”

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