Are you driven to fast track your success?

Apply today and you will the receive the support you need. Get up close and personal with five Master Entrepreneurs who have grown national and international businesses who will be looking to mentor exciting participants.

Master Facilitators Mary Anne and Judy are connected to Australia’s most powerful business leaders and have a passion for brokering win/win relationships.

Explore what you need to do to build your business, raise your profile and stand head and shoulders above the rest. Imagine what these kinds of insights could do for your future and your entrepreneurial success.

Past Participants Wins
  • Found New board Members or Advisory Board members
  • Received  funding for their projects
  • Received invaluable industry contacts and wisdom
  • Some spent time overseas building their network and net-worth due to introductions

    Every time this program has been run a third of the room are mentored.
Five top reasons you need to sign up
  •  You may be selected to receive a one-on-one mentoring session with one of our Masters. (At past events, a third of the room were mentored, even though Masters committed to mentor one person each.)
  • You will learn from five Master Entrepreneurs who have created and exited businesses worth millions.
  • You will hear, first hand, how the Masters have achieved outstanding success in life and in business.
  • You will take away a true appreciation of the values and mindset necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur.
  • You will be exposed to the kind of wisdom that people pay thousands of dollars to hear.

The five Master Entrepreneurs have agreed to share their stories of business growth and give tips on how to attract customers, get sales quickly and easily and be seen in a busy marketplace

Who is it for?
  • Entrepreneurs with an idea, product or service
  • Start-Ups Seeking knowledge, networks, funding or clarity
  • Chief Executive Officers’, Chief Operating Officers’, Chief Finance Officers’
  • Leaders seeking finance, board members or strategic partners
Why Attend

If you are in business, it is for you.

Whether you are in the startup phase or you have been in business for years, if you are ambitious and have aspirations of taking your business to a higher level, then this life-changing event is for you.

Our Masters will compress years of learning into their presentations, so you can benefit from their wisdom and short cut your own journey to entrepreneurial success.

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Tuesday 1 May 2018
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